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Downgrade Miro From 4.0 to 3.5

Miro Database Error


Miro is a great open source application for managing video podcasts. However, when I upgraded to version 4 I was having issues with the program. So I tried to downgrade it by downloading and installing an old version from here, which resulted in this database error.

Luckily, Miro creates a backup of your database when performing  an update. To get the old version working again, you need to replace the new database file with the old one. If you can still open Miro, go to Help > Diagnostics to view where the database is stored.

If you can't open Miro, use the list below to find the database for your OS.

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(yourusername)\Application Data\Participatory Culture Foundation\Miro\Support\sqlitedb

Vista/Win7: C:\Users\(yourusername)\AppData\Roaming\Participatory Culture Foundation\Miro\Support\sqlitedb

OS X: /Users/(you)/Library/Application Support/Miro/sqlitedb

Linux: ~yourhome/.miro/sqlitedb


In the same folder as the sqlitedb file, there should be a dbbackups folder. Rename and copy the most recent database backup, from the dbbackups folder, to sqlitedb and replace the newer sqlitedb file with the backup. Now you can run the old version of Miro without losing all the feeds and playback info.

If you haven't tried Miro, check it out at getmiro.com


Posted by John

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  1. Thanks a lot, the ‘problem’ I had with the new Miro is that I think it’s horrible.. sticking with 3.5.1 for now!

  2. Thank you very much for the tip! I tried Miro 4, it’s good I like it very much.

    But it create “.miro” folders in the all root of all my drives. And there is no way to tell it to stop. Stupid annoying.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    The Miro 4 interface is horrible (to me at least). why change a good thing?

  4. Thanks, I’ve been trying to sort this for about a week now but you have solved it for me. 🙂

  5. Great post, but now that I’ve downgraded back to 3.5.1 I keep getting that nagging “update miro!” message all the time, does anyone know how to disable that (I’m running it on win7 at the moment)?
    Thanks again for the post.

    • Yes. Edit the app.config file “C:\Program Files\Participatory Culture Foundation\Miro\resources\app.config”
      Change the “appSerial-windows =” to a bigger number
      appSerial-windows = 20101206000
      appSerial-windows = 20201206000

  6. Thanks for this! I hated the new interface, so this helped me downgrade back to 3.5.1.

    BTW, to stop Miro prompting you to upgrade every time you start it up, open this file: –

    C:\Program Files\Participatory Culture Foundation\Miro\resources\app.config

    Then edit this value (if you’re using Windows): –

    appSerial-windows = 20101206000

    I changed it to this: –

    appSerial-windows = 20121111111

    Presumably it’s a date and Miro uses that to check if an update is available.

  7. Thanks Worked great. Hated new miro as well

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