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Change The Purple Background on Ubuntu’s Grub Menu

I prefer my grub2 in plain old black and white, not that purple nonsense. There are many ways to try and change the color setting, and the methods can very from versions of Ubuntu, grub, and plymouth. So the easiest way to edit boot apperance is with a super-boot-manger.

To install super-boot-manager, open the terminal and enter:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ingalex/super-boot-manager
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install buc super-boot-manager


(Sometimes the install command doesn't find the package, in which case you can use the Ubuntu Software Center or the Synaptic package manger and search for super-boot-manager)

Once installed, it will show up under the System Tools menu.

Open it, select your language, and enter your password when prompted.

Click the Grub-manager button and then click the Style tab. Change the color setting to whatever you want and click Change color, followed by Apply settings. Pictured below are the settings for traditional black and white.

With super-boot-manager you can change all sorts of options pertaining to boot-up and shutdown. You can even install burg, a graphical alternative to grub2, but it usually doesn't play nice with new kernel installs.


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