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Deja Dup Backup Tool for Ubuntu

Deja Dub is an easy to use, end-user focused, backup tool that will ship with Ubuntu 11.10. It is already in the Ubuntu repos  for older versions of Ubuntu, so you could easily install it right now, but before you start relying on this program to keep those important files safe, you should be aware of it's features and limitations.

This program reminds me of Time Machine on the Mac, because of it's simplicity, but has many more options on where to save backups. For instance, you can easily create backups on a Samba share (Windows Share), which is very common in an office environment.

You can easily schedule backups as well, without any understanding of cron. For a backup to a server you do need make sure whatever permissions are stored correctly on your Linux client, or else Deja Dup will prompt for a login at the beginning of the backup process.

For a typical end-user, or someone new to Linux, I think this app is great for making a very user friendly backup and restore process. For me, I'll stick with rsync for backups. The biggest problem I have with Deja Dup is the way it store's the file in serveral parts, making the individual files in the backup unreadable.

The backup format is transparent to an end-user, since they would just hit the restore button in Deja Dub, but a seasoned Linux user will probably look elsewhere.


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