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Broadcast Multiple SSIDs From One Computer



MDK3 is a Linux program that will allow you to do all sorts of things with wireless beacon frames.  One of the things you can do is broadcast a list of fake access points from a single wireless card. Good for illustrating that users shouldn't just connect to any open AP that they come across.

 MDK3 has other functions that can be used for evil, so don't use it on someone else's network without permission!


Download MDK3 from here   (If you use Arch Linux it has an AUR for this)

MDK3 hasn't been updated in a long time, and may not easily work on some newer distributions. If you have trouble installing it on your distro, you can run a live session of BackTrack Linux, which includes MDK3.

You will need aircrack-ng and gcc installed.

Extract the files and run:

cd mdk3-v6
make install



First you need to put your WLAN adapter into monitor mode.

airmon-ng start <interface>


Now you can run MDK3's beacon flood mode.

The command looks like this:

mdk3 <interface> b -c 1 -f ssids


b - beaconflood mode

-c - is the channel (in this case channel 1)

-f - use a file with a list of SSID's (if not used MDK3 will randomly generate SSID's)

In this example I created a text file called "ssids" with names from this Mashable post.

The BSSID's are randomly generated, and clients can not associate with the fake AP's.




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