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Windows 8 Dev Preview in VirtualBox

Installing and running Windows 8 in VirtualBox is very straight forward. There are just a couple major issues that are easily fixed. (I'm running VirtualBox 4.1.2)

(You can get the Windows 8 download links here.)

Get the network connection working. The default NIC in VirtualBox isn't recognized by Windows 8 out of the box.


3 Free Ways To Hack Or Bypass a Windows Login

There are many reasons why you would need to reset or crack a Windows password. For me, it's usually because a user forgot their password or hit the Caps Lock when changing the password. Whatever the reason, every geek should know how to hack a Windows password.


How To Fix Common Java Issues In Windows

So you're sitting there playing your favorite PC game, or compiling the latest version of the Linux kernel, and suddenly you hear your smart phone play the TARDIS ring tone from Doctor Who. You check the caller ID and notice it's that old lady you fixed a computer for recently. You answer, and she immediately starts complaining about how this Java based game on "the Yahoo" doesn't work any more.

Fixing little JRE issues for end-users can be annoying, but if you have a better idea of what to look for, it can save you a lot of time.


How To Get The XP Version of Solitaire and Spider Solitaire in Newer Versions of Windows


Recently I was setting up a new Windows 7 machine for a client, and one of the first questions he asked me was, "Can you put the XP version of solitaire on the new machine, since I hate the Windows 7 version?" Now, I'm used to answering lots of questions when setting up a new machine, but this was a first. Luckily it's really easy to transfer the solitaire program from Windows XP to Win7 (or Vista :-P).

First you need a machine still running Windows XP. Copy sol.exe and cards.dll from C:/WINDOWS/system32 on your XP system to the Windows 7 machine. Do not put the files in the system32 folder on Win7. I created a folder on the root of C: (C:/Solitaire).

Create a shortcut to sol.exe on the desktop, and now the client can play the legacy version of solitaire.

You could also make it show up in "Games" by copying the desktop shortcut to the Games folder.


You can do the same thing with Spider Solitaire, by copying spider.exe from the system32 file to the new system.


Try Mozilla’s Webian Shell

Webian Shell is a full screen web browser (simular to Chrome OS) with a minimal interface, and is very web standard compliant. It's still in a very early stage, but worth checking out if you've been following Chrome OS.

You can download it from Webian.org

To run in Windows and Mac OS, you unzip the file and run the executable.

In Linux, download and run:

tar -zxvf webian_shell_0.1-linux_xx.tar.gz
cd Webian\ Shell/
./Webian\ Shell


To install Webian Shell in Ubuntu, so you can run it by just typing webian in the terminal:

tar -zxvf webian_shell_0.1-linux_xx.tar.gz
sudo cp -r Webian\ Shell/ /usr/share
sudo ln -s /usr/share/Webian\ Shell/Webian\ Shell /usr/bin/webian


Now you only have to type webian into the terminal to run, regardless of directory. You could also create a launcher that points to /usr/bin/webian.

Official Project Page


Get the Ubuntu Font Family in Windows

You can download the .zip file directly here. Extract and install just like any other font. Then the Ubuntu font option will be available in all your programs.

In Vista and Windows 7, you can just double-click the .ttf files and they will install.

In Windows XP:

Click Start -> Control Panel

Double-click fonts (If you don't see the Fonts icon in the Control Panel, click "Switch to Classic View" on the left side of the Control Panel)

Click File -> Install New Font...

Now all you have to do is use the old style folder browser at the bottom of the Window, and navigate to where you extracted the .ttf files.

Archaic Folders

Select All and click OK. Now you can enjoy creating documents and whatnot with this great looking font.

Ubuntu Font Download Page

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Convert Videos the Easy Way with WinFF

WinFF is an easy to use front-end to ffmpeg. It's runs on Linux and Windows, and does batch operations. If you need to convert/transcode a video to another format or just extract the audio to an mp3, check out WinFF.

Download from official site



Fix Windows XP Activation Loop

When Windows XP has been seriously doinked. A repair install can be an easy solution for fixing problems without doing a format/reinstall of the OS. Often times this will put you in an activation loop forcing you to activate Windows at login, and then nothing happening after clicking yes. This happens when Internet Exploder Explorer 8 is installed, the repair install breaks IE8 causing this loop.

To fix this reboot with F8 and select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt"

At the command prompt type:

cd \

Click yes at the pop up that says you're in safe mode. Now you have access to the Windows desktop and can reinstall IE8. After rebooting you will be able to activate Windows.