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Make Backspace Go Back in Firefox for Linux

Over time I've developed a habit of pressing Backspace to go back a page when web browsing, but the Linux version of Firefox doesn't do this by default. You can use Alt+Left Arrow to go back.

Making backspace go back only requires a simple configuration change.

Open up Firefox and type about:config into the address bar.

If you get  the message that says "This might void your warranty!" just click "I'll be careful I promise!"

Type backspace into the filter bar.

Double click the only line that shows up, which should be browser.backspace_action

Change the value from 2 to 0

Click OK and close Firefox. When you re-open Firefox the backspace button will go back a page, like it should.


Fix Ubuntu Flash Player Issues with a Great Firefox Add-on

Flash playback in Linux is often times not smooth, crashy, or just has some set of weird issues. Luckily, Flash-Aid is here to help  with smoother flash playback in Linux. This add-on in conjunction with the Flash 10.3 RC1 has fixed most of my issues.

To install, simply search the Firefox add-ons for "Flash Aid" and install. (Tools>Add-Ons)

After Restarting Firefox you will be greeted with a Flash Aid pop-up that will walk you through installing the correct and current version of Flash on your system. By default it removes whatever version of flash you have on your system and installs the beta version from the Adobe Labs site. This is the preferred method for me, as it fixed my problems. You could just as easily change this setting in the Flash-Aid preferences on the "Installation Options" tab.

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